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River Quoich

Coordinates: 57°00′04″N 3°27′08″W / 57.00111°N 3.4522°W / 57.00111; -3.4522
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The River Quoich, near the Linn of Quoich, Braemar.
The Earl O Mar's Punchbowl
Overlooking the River Quoich from the top of a hill.

The River Quoich is a tributary of the River Dee in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.[1] It flows in a generally southerly direction and is about 15 km long (including its upper reaches, known as Quoich Water, above the confluence with the Allt an dubh-ghlinne). The clachan of Allanaquoich is situated just above the river's confluence with the Dee.[1] Near Allanaquoich is the Linn of Quoich, a waterfall through a narrow ravine, over which there is a bridge at the narrowest part.[1] Near the bridge is the Earl of Mar's Punch Bowl: a natural hole in a rock midstream that was literally used as a punchbowl after hunting deer in the neighbouring forest.[citation needed] The river joins the Dee about 112 miles or 212 km west of Braemar.

The Linn of Quoich has been the site of several deaths in recent years, including those of an overworked, suicidal male doctor[2] and a ten-year-old girl who fell into the river and drowned.[3]


57°00′04″N 3°27′08″W / 57.00111°N 3.4522°W / 57.00111; -3.4522